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Zara began to follow Soviet affairs with interest and sympathy in his teens.

At various stages of the preparation of this volume I benefited from the generous support provided by a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Slavic and East European Studies at the University of California at Berkeley; a short-term grant from the International Research Exchanges Board (IREX); and a summer research grant from Franklin and Marshall College.

This text was prepared from a copy of an original manuscript that resides in the archives of the Hoover Institution.

In the film Her Way of Love the full-figured beauty again played a peasant woman liberated by communism, strong and defiant, taking up arms to defend the Revolution.

Witkin became obsessed with her, returning to watch the film eight times.

He graduated with honors from the College of Civil Engineering at twenty and was elected valedictorian of his class.

At fifteen he had already designed and manufactured calculating machines for the Patented Computing Company, and by the time he received his bachelor's degree he had worked as reclamation engineer for the state government,maintenance-of-way engineer for Southern Pacific, and engineer for the San Francisco Bureau of Governmental Research.

It has been only lightly edited to correct obvious typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors.

For purposes of clarity and consistency, the author's transliterations of Russian spellings have been modernized to conform to the Library of Congress system.

More than fifty years later, as the Soviet Union struggles to cast off the pall of Stalinism, publication of Witkin's memoirs is especially timely.

His story sheds a penetrating light on the sources of the bureaucratic cancers that spread during decades of political and economic centralization and now threaten the stability of the Soviet state.

Witkin's translations and transcriptions of articles and letters are often approximate but have been allowed to stand.