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What does pity dating mean

How many times can you tell yourself how bad life is before you become depressed about your life? It drains your energy, takes you away from the experiences and people you love, and leaves you feeling sick and unhappy. You Don’t Want It To End Even when you can see that your life is not full of misfortunes, you will still choose to view your life as a disappoint that deserves your pity.

Get in touch with the real you that is behind your thoughts, and allow yourself to give yourself the comfort that you need.

Be your own best friend and give yourself an internal hug.

You become addicted to seeing the worst, thinking the worst, imagining the worst, and sometimes even wanting the worst. You’re Unattractive To Others Self-pity looks ugly on everyone. You see the worst in yourself, and even if there are other people around, the mirror is what demands your attention. You wouldn’t even notice if someone opened the door for you so that you could escape.

It will keep you single if you are single, and it could make you single if you are currently in a relationship. You are too busy being self-absorbed in a world that you have created. You Feel Like You Have No Potential If you have any dreams or ambition in life, your self-pity will squash it in one way or another.

Step 3: Get The Desire For More Control In Your Life Do you want others to dictate how you feel, or do you want to decide how you are going to feel no matter what is happening?

Do you want to feel down when bad things happen, or do you want to get back on your feet and work on making things better?

You also have a choice to see what happened as an opportunity for growth.

There are many ways to view what happened, and which way you view it all boils down to your choice.

Not sure if you are living in a state of self-pity? When you can be honest, you can become aware of how self-pity can really drag you down in life, and you will be more likely to try and overcome it. It’s like a drug, and soon you barely even notice that you are playing the game of self-pity.

In fact, it may make you feel good about yourself at times, especially when it allows you to get attention as well as sympathy from yourself and from other people. You Struggle With Everything If you living in a state of self-pity, you will struggle with health, relationships, and finances.

Step 2: Allow Yourself To Feel The Pain Allowing yourself to feel the self-pity will be something new, even if you think you are doing it right now.