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Iron key dating

Tue, April 12, 2011 @ PM I was wondering what everyone's nationality is.

Here are the norms: Females less than 40 years old = 10-120Females greater then 40 years old = 10-235Females postmenopausal = 10-310Males = 15-455Hope this info helped.

Thu, March 31, 2011 @ PM I had been having abdominal pain for several months.

Single mutation (C282Y), phlebotomy's once a month for about 9 months and Ferritin levels down to about 350-400.

However still experiencing joint pain: hands, knees, & ankle. Wed, April 13, 2011 @ PM Hi I am 47yr female, who going into the medical field 20yrs ago questioned my symptoms and iron levels back then.

What treatment have you received since your diagnosis? If you are postmenoapusal 300 is still within the normal range.

Did your doctor talk to you about when to get re-tested?

So having a cup of coffee/tea/milk with meals help inhibit iron absorbsption. The doctors even ordered an angiogram for me, and came back with no blockages. When his children were checked, two of three were diagnosed as Homozygous( C282Y, C282Y) and the third was Heterozygous.

His wife, who is all Irish, is carrying the single C282Y mutation.

It was not until July 2010 that I was diagnosed with C282Y/C282Y. I was the first of all family members to be genetically tested.

Unfortunately my mother died 3yrs ago and after discussing now with her Dr.

alot of her illness was most likely due to the Hemochromatosis.