Start Updating an outdated home to sell

Updating an outdated home to sell

Replace one of these stark fixtures, and you’ll soon be seeing the light.

But if you’re contemplating selling, you’ll want to eliminate the generation gap between your house and potential buyers. These 10 outdated features are among the biggest offenders: Colored porcelain Toilets should not be red or pink or black or blue or green. Wood paneling This once-popular wall covering will send potential home buyers running the other way (unless, perhaps, it’s solid, well-cared-for wood in a traditional cabin in the woods).

Of course, if you’re intent on selling, neutrals are still the safest way to go.

Faux finishes Sponge painted walls were hip in the 1990s.

Now, they just look like walls that didn’t get a good coat of paint – same for rag rolling and stippling.

Some designers predict that gold -- in the form of brushed or matte faucets -- may make a comeback, but today’s buyers appear to be much more interested in brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Shiny builder-grade brass is simply not an aesthetic for the ages.

Bad carpet Wall-to-wall carpet that’s worn or stained can make your home incredibly difficult to sell. If natural stone doesn’t fit into your budget, you can update with new, more affordable counters in concrete, tile or laminate.

Home repairs aren't just things to tackle while you're living in a house long term.

What worked in 1980 doesn’t necessarily work in 2012. You can skim the paneling with plaster, sand, prime and paint to make it look like drywall.

Chances are, you’ve weeded out the parachute pants, leg warmers and shoulder pads. Even expensive, must-have features eventually become outdated and need to be replaced. This should go without saying, but neither should your sink or bathtub. You can paint over the wood grain, but you’ll be left with the telltale grooves of the paneled surface.

Dusty rose found its way into homes via carpeting, furniture, drapery, bedding and wall color. The folks at Pittsburgh Paints suggest a palette made of red berries, modest muted stone and solid, reliable brown.