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Lawyer grievance dating opposing party texas

Obscure today, Fillmore has been praised by some for his foreign policy, but he is criticized by others for his enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act and for his association with the Know Nothings.

As vice president, Fillmore presided over angry debates in the Senate as Congress decided whether to allow slavery in the Mexican Cession.

Members of the Fillmore family had resided in New England for several generations; Nathaniel Fillmore Sr.

was the son of John Fillmore (1702-1777), who lived in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and worked as a ship's captain. (1676-1712), a native of Manchester, England who was also a mariner and died as a prisoner of the French on the island of Martinique during Queen Anne's War.

served in local offices in Bennington including hayward, highway surveyor, and tax collector.

Many Anti-Masons were opposed to the presidential candidacy of General Andrew Jackson, a Mason, and Fillmore was a delegate to a New York convention that endorsed President John Quincy Adams for re-election, as well as serving at two Anti-Masonic conventions in the summer of 1828.

During the American Civil War, Fillmore denounced secession and agreed that the Union must be maintained by force if necessary, but was critical of the war policies of Abraham Lincoln.

After peace was restored, he supported the Reconstruction policies of President Andrew Johnson.

The new president exerted pressure to gain the passage of the Compromise, which gave legislative victories to both North and South, and which was enacted by September. Navy expeditions to open trade in Japan, opposed French designs on Hawaii, and was embarrassed by Narciso López's filibuster expeditions to Cuba.