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Auctioneer market price not updating

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EMAAC, which cleared at less than $120 last year, jumped to $187.87, while the Duke region, which did not price separately from the RTO last year, cleared this year at $130.

This was the first year in which all generation must be Capacity Performance, meaning it’s expected to be available throughout the delivery year and faces stiff penalties for nonperformance.

A: If you're the high bidder on an auction that has ended and the listing shows that the reserve price was never met, you're likely out of luck.

The seller is not obligated to sell you the item in question at any price, much less the closing price of the auction.

Third, you can send a Second Chance Offer to the high bidder, even though reserve wasn't met, and sell the item to them at the price of their maximum bid.

PJM’s first capacity auction requiring year-round availability saw prices drop by one-quarter in most of the RTO, with only the EMAAC and Duke Ohio-Kentucky regions recording increases.

This means you can (and should) get the most recent prices directly from Blizzard through a simple web API call.

Start here to learn more about their API services, and visit the API docs (selecting "Wo W Game Data - US" in the dropdown) for the Wo W Token endpoint information.

Reserve price auctions can be identified either by the words "Reserve not met" shown underneath the current high bid for the auction.

The act of placing a bid on a reserve auction is no different from the act of placing a bid on any other e Bay auction-enter your maximum bid and let e Bay's proxy bidding system do the rest as usual or snipe if you prefer and wait for the auction to end.

Reserve price auctions can be a confusing topic whether you're an e Bay seller or a would-be bidder or buyer.