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Myers briggs dating compatibility

The results confirm that pattern, with men showing slightly more flexibility than women in their preferred height range.

From an evolutionary standpoint this all makes sense.

are sometimes used as estimates of creative talent.

Even the MMPI now has a creativity scale; a creative personality scale has long been used as part of the California Psychological Inventory.

These sorts of things may be relevant; highly creative individuals often do have imaginary friends as children and their parents typically do expose them to diverse cultural activities.

The limitation is probably obvious: not all creative people may have the same backgrounds.

Biographical measures of creative potential are usually developed by identifying the common background variables of unambiguously creative individuals, and then asking other individuals (on a paper-and-pencil measure) if they have had similar experiences.

The Biographical Inventory of Creativity, for example, asks individuals if they had imaginary friends as children, or if their parents took them to museums and other cultural activities.

Of particular relevance within the context of the Big Five is the Openness scale.