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Site dating phpbb

The support forums will be locked, but will still be available in a read-only form for reference.

Version 3.2 incorporates a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface, support for a multitude of database servers and complete layout customisation, all with a low execution overhead and lightning speed.

prosilver, php BB's default style, utilises the latest specifications for HTML5 and CSS3 for a modern and responsive design.

This ensures optimal performance and cross-browser support for all modern browsers on desktop and mobile platforms.

php BB comes pre-loaded with configuration for over 100 of the most common spiders and optimises your board when they visit.

While support for 3.1.x will not be available, support for converting to 3.2.x will be available.

For those who receive support from an international support site, they will dictate their own support schedules and you should seek information from them.

Before its initial release, php BB3 underwent a rigorous security audit by the well-known organisation Sektion Eins, and most notably Stefan Esser, a highly respected PHP security consultant.

During its lifetime, php BB3 has even undergone a second security audit, and there have been no reported major vulnerabilities in the software.

Stickies are less prominent, but still remain at the top of the forum no matter when the last post was made.

php BB offers several type of groups: Hidden (only members can see it), Closed (everyone can see it, but users must manually be added), Open (anyone can join), and Request (users can request to be added by the Group Leader).

Using the Permissions system, you have full control of what the spiders can see and where they can go.