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Speeddating galway

Naturally enough, Weld had the favourite in the first race on Monday, a somewhat unreliable four-year-old named Diplomat fresh from a win a fortnight ago at Sligo.

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THE Galway festival lasts seven days and is widely considered an endurance test equalled only by Scott’s march on the South Pole.

It came as only a modest surprise that Galway, along with the vast majority of Irish racecourses, does not utilise the enclosure system.

Granted the perspective the Irish Sea provides, it seems a typically British invention that could almost have been designed expressly to annoy and embarrass outsiders unaware of the none-too-subtle distinctions of the antiquated class system.

Plenty of people go the full hog and slip into their finest frocks and most elaborate headgear; others chuck on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

As someone told me, if all you wear is tracksuits then you go to Galway in your best tracksuit.

Being a first-time visitor to Galway, I got down to the track early on Monday to make use of what I expected to be a one-time-only opportunity to see the place without the tear-gassed haze of a crippling hangover.

So far as I could make out the track is 90 per cent bar, ten per cent hot beef rolls.

Galway makes Cheltenham seem like Strangeways on lockdown.

Just because there is no dress code doesn’t mean the girls and guys of Galway don’t make an effort, though.

When I arrived on Monday I headed to the press room, which lies by the weigh room (some local lingo for you there), and a fella on the door asked me “Press?