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Breast cancer risk increases by 3% for each year older a woman is when she first gives birth, a meta-analysis showed.[1] The association may be limited to ER/PR-positive tumours.[2-4] ER/PR-positive breast cancer risk is 15% higher in women who first gave birth at an older age, compared with those who did so at a younger age, a meta-analysis showed.[4] HER2-positive and triple-negative breast cancers are not associated with age at first birth.[4] Conversely among BRCA1 mutation carriers, breast cancer risk may be lower in those who are older at first birth, meta-analyses have shown;[5,6] among BRCA2 carriers, breast cancer risk is not associated with age at first birth.[5,6] Breast cancer risk increases by 5% for each year younger at menarche (first menstrual period), a meta-analysis has shown.[7] The association is stronger for oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive and progesterone receptor (PR)-positive tumours than for ER- and PR-negative tumours.[2] Breast cancer risk may be higher in women whose breast development started at a younger age, a cohort study indicates.[8] Among BRCA1 mutation carriers too, breast cancer risk may be higher in those who are younger at menarche, a meta-analysis showed; among BRCA2 carriers, breast cancer risk is not associated with age at menarche.[5,6] Breast cancer risk increases by around 3% for each year older at menopause, a meta-analysis has shown.[7] Post-menopausal women (natural menopause or induced by surgery) have a lower risk of breast cancer than pre-menopausal women of the same age and childbearing pattern, a meta-analysis showed.[7] Reproductive organ surgery Breast cancer risk is not associated with tubal sterilisation, a meta-analysis showed.[9] Breast cancer risk is 24-41% lower in women who have hysterectomy and oophorectomy before menopause, compared with women who do not have these surgeries, a pooled analysis and case-control study showed.[10,11] Hysterectomy and oophorectomy after menopause may be associated with increased breast cancer risk if oestrogen therapy is used after the surgery, a pooled analysis showed.[10] Breast cancer risk decreases by 7% with each live birth, meta-analyses have shown.[1,2] Breast cancer risk may not be associated with twin pregnancy, a meta-analysis showed.[12] ER/PR-positive breast cancer risk is 25% lower in women who have had children compared with those who have not, a meta-analysis showed.[4] HER2-positive and triple-negative breast cancer is not associated with parity.[4] The association between parity and breast cancer may vary by tumour types, with the largest risk reduction for mucinous tumours, and a risk increase for medullary tumours, a cohort study indicates.[13] Conversely among BRCA1/2 mutation carriers, breast cancer risk is not associated with parity, one meta-analysis showed,[5] though another showed a decreased risk with higher parity.[6] International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies the role of this risk factor in cancer development.[1] An estimated 1% of female breast cancers in the UK are linked to oral contraceptives (OCs); because breast cancer risk is generally low in the OC-using population (typically younger women), OC-related risk contributes a relatively small number of additional cases.[2] OCs contain synthetic sex hormones, which may explain the link between OC use and breast cancer risk.

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(16)Senna Kurosaki (6)Senri (1)Sentence Love (13)Serena Asada (2)Seri (1)Seri Daichi (3)Seri Mikami (9)Seri Nagasawa (14)Seri Yuuki (18)Seria Hyuga (23)Serika Kawamoto (3)Serika Niiyama (18)Serika Saki (7)Serika Serizawa (13)Serika Sirogane (5)Serina (3)Serina Aoyama (7)Serina Hayakawa (62)Serina Hukami (11)Serina Komuro (6)Serina Nakajima (13)Serina Natsui (10)Sesera Harukawa (8)Seshiru Kurosaki (1)Seto Himari (2)Setsuko Matsukura (7)Setsuko Shimoda (4)Setsuna (8)Setsuna Amamiya (38)Seven Dolls (3)Several Actresses (4)Sexy Korean (86)Sexy Ol (10)Sexyzone (35)Shana Genji (1)Shelby Wakatsuk (1)Shelby Wakatsuki (14)Shelby Wakatsuki Nami Honda Ria Sawada (16)Shelly Fujii (16)Shemale Japan Hardcore (12)Sheryl Nome (13)Shian Aiiro (3)Shibari Dolls (138)Shieru Muto (5)Shigeko Yokoi (10)Shigemi Sendou (15)Shiho (29)Shiho Akanishi (3)Shiho Egami (5)Shiho Goto (4)Shiho Harada (22)Shiho Kamiyama (3)Shiho Kano (15)Shiho Kanoh (1)Shiho Kanou (19)Shiho Kawai (12)Shiho Kawakita (12)Shiho Kitahara (19)Shiho Kitami (4)Shiho Kubota (12)Shiho Machida (7)Shiho Matsushima (6)Shiho Matsuura (15)Shiho Miyama (39)Shiho Miyasaki (20)Shiho Miyazaki (15)Shiho Murata (5)Shiho Nakagawa (19)Shiho Nakamura (13)Shiho Nakamura Emi Iguchi (16)Shiho Nakanishi (15)Shiho Nishida (9)Shiho Oga (4)Shiho Shimazu (9)Shiho Tachibana (2)Shiho Takayama (1)Shiho Takeuchi (6)Shiho Tono (2)Shiho Tsuchiya (8)Shiho Yano (14)Shihomi (5)Shihomi Ogoshi (22)Shihomi Umezawa (3)Shihori Inamori (15)Shiina Kato (25)Shiina Miyazaki (1)Shiina Mizuho (13)Shiina Noriko (1)Shiira Aizawa (1)Shiki Sasaki (16)Shimakaze (6)Shimako Kanai (6)Shin (3)Shin Akase (1)Shina (16)Shinju Murasaki (48)Shinka Nibutani (6)Shino Amemiya (8)Shino Aoi (132)Shino Aoi Aya Kisaki (15)Shino Aoi Chie Kobayashi (7)Shino Aoi Chitose Hara (2)Shino Aoi Madoka Araki Ayaka Haruyama Mio Ozora (1)Shino Aoi Mai Miori (9)Shino Aoi Marie (17)Shino Aoi Natsuki Yokoyama (23)Shino Iori (6)Shino Izumi (3)Shino Kanou (9)Shino Kishikawa (35)Shino Komatsu (44)Shino Matsukawa (9)Shino Mizusawa (5)Shino Moriyama (12)Shino Nakamura (25)Shino Satio (1)Shino Tanaka (5)Shino Terada (4)Shino Yanagihara (12)Shinobu (16)Shinobu Amano (3)Shinobu Funayama (11)Shinobu Igarashi (9)Shinobu Ishinabe (12)Shinobu Kasagi (6)Shinobu Kasaki (19)Shinobu Kawahara (11)Shinobu Maekawa (4)Shinobu Mikami (14)Shinobu Mizuki (7)Shinobu Mizushima (1)Shinobu Nakajima (5)Shinobu Orikasa (15)Shinobu Sagara (5)Shinobu Sakuragi (4)Shinobu Sawachi (3)Shinobu Todaka (7)Shinobu Tsuzuki (12)Shinon Mizuki (3)Shion (1)Shion Akane (5)Shion Akimoto (5)Shion Mizuno (20)Shion Natsume (7)Shion Takeuchi (16)Shion Toyama (7)Shiona Saito (12)Shionn Junka (12)Shiono Aoi (2)Shiori (5)Shiori Aiuchi (18)Shiori Akagi (5)Shiori Akino (3)Shiori Amano (10)Shiori Amemiya (5)Shiori Amou (8)Shiori Aramaki (5)Shiori Asana (8)Shiori Asukai (8)Shiori Atsuta (1)Shiori Ayase (42)Shiori Fuji (4)Shiori Hatake (19)Shiori Hayami (11)Shiori Hayashida (4)Shiori Hazuki (8)Shiori Himemiya (1)Shiori Hirose (4)Shiori Ichimura (3)Shiori Ihara (3)Shiori Inamori (39)Shiori Kamisaki (72)Shiori Kamiya (1)Shiori Kaneko (9)Shiori Kanon (17)Shiori Kawana (39)Shiori Kitajima (1)Shiori Kobayakawa (20)Shiori Kobayashi (5)Shiori Kohinata (10)Shiori Komori (12)Shiori Komura (6)Shiori Konno (4)Shiori Kosaka (8)Shiori Kouda (8)Shiori Kuraki (5)Shiori Kurata (1)Shiori Kurosawa (18)Shiori Manabe (14)Shiori Mano (16)Shiori Matsushita (16)Shiori Mizoguchi (2)Shiori Mizusawa (12)Shiori Mochizuki (8)Shiori Moritani (2)Shiori Nakagawa (3)Shiori Nakahara (36)Shiori Natsumi (5)Shiori Niina (5)Shiori Ninomiya (7)Shiori Sada (11)Shiori Saijou (12)Shiori Satonaka (7)Shiori Satosaki (36)Shiori Shiina (12)Shiori Shimizu (8)Shiori Suzuki (14)Shiori Takagi (3)Shiori Tanimura (20)Shiori Toujyou (8)Shiori Tsukada (5)Shiori Tsukimi (14)Shiori Uchida (5)Shiori Uehara (13)Shiori Urano (30)Shiori Uta (62)Shiori Yamagishi (4)Shiori Yamana (33)Shiori Yamashita (8)Shiori Yamate (9)Shiori Yasuda (4)Shiori Yokoi (13)Shiori Yuzuki (21)Shirai Kuroko (6)Shiro Mizuno Koro Yukino Koro (12)Shiro Mizuno Koro Yukino Koro Kuro Inuno (12)Shiron Urara (2)Shirouto Aimi (6)Shirouto Ami (7)Shirouto Aoi (3)Shirouto Ayaka (6)Shirouto Azusa (6)Shirouto Chakuerobu (4)Shirouto Erina (5)Shirouto Mahiro (6)Shirouto Maki (4)Shirouto Mari (4)Shirouto Masami (8)Shirouto Misa (6)Shirouto Misako (8)Shirouto Nana (9)Shirouto Ramu (3)Shirouto Sakura (4)Shirouto Sayaka (4)Shirouto Toshimi (7)Shirouto Yukie (4)Shirouto Yura (7)Shirouto Yuri (10)Shirushi Serina (10)Shizue Toda (13)Shizuka (51)Shizuka Aoyama (4)Shizuka Chatan (10)Shizuka Endo (6)Shizuka Hanada (31)Shizuka Ichii (1)Shizuka Ishikawa (2)Shizuka Jojima (11)Shizuka Kawamata (19)Shizuka Kuriyama (14)Shizuka Maeshiro (25)Shizuka Majima (15)Shizuka Manabe (12)Shizuka Masumi (4)Shizuka Matsuzaka (8)Shizuka Minami (38)Shizuka Mitamura (17)Shizuka Miyazawa (10)Shizuka Mizutani (8)Shizuka Nakagawa (35)Shizuka Nakakura (12)Shizuka Nakamura (153)Shizuka Nishinari (7)Shizuka Ono (9)Shizuka Saito (4)Shizuka Sakura (11)Shizuka Shimohira (3)Shizuka Shirasawa (17)Shizuka Tada (15)Shizuka Takanashi (15)Shizuka Takatani (7)Shizuka Todo (5)Shizuka Tokugawa (17)Shizuka Yano (3)Shizuki Tsukino (1)Shizuko Hatanaka (8)Shizuko Kinoshita (12)Shizuku (19)Shizuku Aoba (14)Shizuku Asahina (24)Shizuku Hasegawa (42)Shizuku Hatano (7)Shizuku Himemura (5)Shizuku Honoka (2)Shizuku Hutaba (3)Shizuku Iori (23)Shizuku Kataoka (16)Shizuku Kinoshita (15)Shizuku Kiyomiya (4)Shizuku Kobayakawa (10)Shizuku Memori (12)Shizuku Morikawa (12)Shizuku Natsukawa (12)Shizuku Tsukino (12)Shizuru (6)Shizuru Haryu (9)Shizuyo Maeno (10)Sho Ashizawa (2)Shoko (26)Shoko Aota (10)Shoko Goto (4)Shoko Hamada (54)Shoko Hatta (21)Shoko Kaoka (14)Shoko Kisaragi (11)Shoko Makino (4)Shoko Mashita (8)Shoko Mikami (3)Shoko Minami (4)Shoko Minori (25)Shoko Miura (5)Shoko Nakagawa (4)Shoko Nakahara (13)Shoko Nakatagawa (2)Shoko Nakayama (5)Shoko Sakaguchi (5)Shoko Sonoda (19)Shoko Takahashi (28)Shoko Takasaki (29)Shoko Yamase (4)Shoko Yokoyama (15)Shou Nishino (41)Shouko Akiyama (1)Shouko Hamasaki (2)Shouko Murano (5)Shouko Nakano (5)Shouko Takashima (2)Shuen Shuen (3)Shuko Kaji (6)Shun Aika (12)Shunka Ayami (60)Shunya Yamashita (6)Shuri Atomi (49)Shuri Ebihara (1)Shuri Maihama (32)Shuri Shimoda (3)Shuri Watanabe (11)Shuri Yamashita (7)Sienna Day (1)Siho Miyazaki (3)Sikisai Neiro (12)Silkypico Ai (12)Silkypico Aoi (15)Silkypico Asami (25)Silkypico Chika (8)Silkypico Hikari (47)Silkypico Hikaru (15)Silkypico Honoka (42)Silkypico Jun (29)Silkypico Kotono (45)Silkypico Mai (19)Silkypico Maria (12)Silkypico Marin (12)Silkypico Maya (8)Silkypico Miki (18)Silkypico Mio (19)Silkypico Misaki (12)Silkypico Mizuki (11)Silkypico Momoka (26)Silkypico Nami (19)Silkypico Nana (20)Silkypico Nao (13)Silkypico Natsu (24)Silkypico Rei (7)Silkypico Rina (14)Silkypico Rora (21)Silkypico Ruri (13)Silkypico Sae (14)Silkypico Sara (21)Silkypico Shizuka (25)Silkypico Yuki (4)Silkypico Yukino (4)Silkypico Yuria (18)Silkypico Yuu (22)Silkypico Yuuki (14)Silvia (1)Sion (11)Sion Fujimoto (8)Siori (16)Siori Hiyama (3)Siori Nakayama (6)Siori Takahasi (13)Sisi (4)Sizuka Majima (1)Sizuka Takahagi (2)Sm Misa (5)Smile Grateful (6)Soara (13)Sofia Nikaido (2)Sofia Takigawa (1)Sonoko Horiuchi (10)Sonomi Hoshi (15)Sophia Kurasuno (20)Sophia Nikaido (7)Sophia Takigawa (11)Sora Aoi (152)Sora Harumiya (10)Sora Kanzaki (3)Sora Koizumi (7)Sora Seori (2)Sora Shiina (23)Sora Watanabe (8)Soraimo (4)Sotsugyou Trip (5)Sou Minami (17)Souryuu Asuka Langley (4)Sport Girls (29)Sports Festlval (5)Sruri (16)Stella Matsushita (14)Streetfighter Chunli (4)Suda And Ono (1)Suguru Matsuura (19)Sujikko (3)Suki (1)Sumako Ariga (5)Sumie Nagai (5)Sumie Takai (10)Sumika Imai (8)Sumika Kurihara (12)Sumika Natori (13)Sumiko Inamori (10)Sumir (7)Sumire (27)Sumire Aida (20)Sumire Aikawa (17)Sumire Aizawa (16)Sumire Aoyama (11)Sumire Arakawa (17)Sumire Ashida (6)Sumire Ayuhara (10)Sumire Enomoto (40)Sumire Hayakawa (6)Sumire Kanno (3)Sumire Kijima (10)Sumire Konno (5)Sumire Koyanagi (3)Sumire Matsu (120)Sumire Minato (2)Sumire Nagisa (1)Sumire Nakahara (7)Sumire Shinoda (5)Sumire Tachibana (15)Sumire Tsubaki (23)Sumire Watase (12)Sumire Yasuda (6)Sumiyo Ishimoto (12)Summer Camp (4)Summer Cosplay (4)Summer School Girl (16)Summer Skyler (1)Sumomo Yoshimura (6)Sunao (1)Sunao Sakura (13)Sunny Lane (5)Super Legs (4)Susanna (4)Suzanna (25)Suzanne (16)Suzu Akane (10)Suzu Aso (2)Suzu Ebihara (3)Suzu Hanami (3)Suzu Harumiya (27)Suzu Ichinose (8)Suzu Maeda (4)Suzu Matsuoka (2)Suzu Minamoto (79)Suzu Misaki (17)Suzu Mitake (10)Suzu Miyazawa (6)Suzu Narumi (10)Suzu Ohara (16)Suzu Satoda (12)Suzu Yokoyama (4)Suzu Yuzuki (3)Suzuka (21)Suzuka Ishikawa (163)Suzuka Itsuki (7)Suzuka Kimura (8)Suzuka Kobayashi (10)Suzuka Misawa (4)Suzuka Morita (9)Suzuka Sasano (4)Suzuki (7)Suzuki Chao (3)Suzumi Mano (10)Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu (7)Suzuna Komiya (6)Suzuna Morioka (5)Suzune Aoi (11)Suzune Kotani (34)Suzune Natsu (10)Suzune Toujou (3)Suzune Toyama (12)Suzuno Mizumoto (15)Suzuran Yamauchi (2)Sweet Blond (16)Swim Suit (3)Syo Ichinose (11)Syoko Akiyama (52)Syoko Hatta (4)Syoko Kuraki (11)Syoko Misumi (12)Syoko Mitsui (12)Syoko Narita (8)Syoko Nishimura (9)Syoko Okazaki (27)Syoko Uno (8)Syouna Hayama (3)Syren Sexton (1)Syukou Club Pantyhose (14)Syukou Club School Girl (8)Syunka Ayami (89)Syuri Morikawa (23)Syuri Ogawa (11) Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Shoko Takahashi Jav Cube HD Porn Tokyo Hot HD Vids JPorn Access Legs Japan Tokyo Face Fuck Free Chaturbate Dmm.