Start Wmp not updating cd info

Wmp not updating cd info

To do this, click the Turn Shuffle On button shown in Figure 8.1.

The results of WMP’s search for the media information are on the right.

NOTE Vista doesn't come from Microsoft with DVD playback capability, except in the editions containing Media Center—Vista Home Premium and Vista Ulimate.

If your version of Vista does not contain Media Center and you want to play back DVD video and files, you must first install a hardware or software DVD decoder on your system.

Today we look at how to edit and update metadata and cover art in WMP 12.

By default, Windows Media Player will pull metadata, such as the title, artist, album, and cover art from the Internet.

If you did not accept that default option during setup, we’ll need to turn the feature on first. On the Library tab, ensure that Retrieve additional information form the Internet is checked. Editing Metadata Now we’re ready to update some files.

Find a media file with incorrect details or cover art.

The arrows below each tab provide quick access to setting and options relevant to the task of that tab.