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Do i restart named after updating zone file

An exception is the soft moon landing on Titan carried out by the Huygens probe in 2005.

For Earth's Moon, the escape velocity is 2.38 kilometres per second (1.48 mi/s).

The change in velocity (referred to as a delta-v) is usually provided by a landing rocket, which must be carried into space by the original launch vehicle as part of the overall spacecraft.

Japan's lunar orbiter Hiten impacted the Moon's surface on 10 April 1993.

The European Space Agency performed a controlled crash impact with their orbiter SMART-1 on 3 September 2006.

The Soviets succeeded in making the first crash landing on the Moon in 1959.

may occur because of malfunctions in a spacecraft, or they can be deliberately arranged for vehicles which do not have an onboard landing rocket.

On 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 as the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth and so initiated the Space Race.

This unexpected event was a source of pride to the Soviets and shock to the U.

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The intense efforts devoted in the 1960s to achieving first an unmanned and then ultimately a manned moon landing become easier to understand in the political context of its historical era.

Such crashes were instrumental in mapping the internal structure of the Moon.