Start Sprung the dating game online

Sprung the dating game online

If you want more "clean" titles of this genre, play Phantom of Inferno for your DVD player -the gundamgeek2k4Now, if you're like me, you adore the idea of the Japanese dating sims--but, know that there is no chance of the majority EVER making it over her.

I found it much easier to just use the d-pad and press A to select answers. You unlock a peice of artwork with the items plus the artwork from your missions. there is the Brett storyline where overall you try to hook up with your childhood love, Becky.

And there is also the becky storyline where you try to hook-up with brett.

The gameplay (if you wish to call it such) is linear and there is very little room for movement.

Sure there are alternate endings, but they have very subtle differences.

You could A)pick answers that make you look like a whore. C)pick answers that make you look like a friend or D)Mix and match answers from all of them to make you seem perfect.

Obviously d is what youd pick because an example of your answers influence is if suck with A, youd end up making out and never hearing from him again.

Overall though if you want good fun to pass the time this game is a good choce. Though it eally doesnt make use of the touch screen the controls are simple.

You can use the stylus to pick your answer but frankly i gave that up after about 30 minutes. Through out the game you recieve many items and are rewarded for every ten percent you get.

If youve ever seen space ghost coast to coast these graphics make sense. If all you want is fast paced action this game isnt for you.

This a text baased game meaning every thing you say or do determines if you succeed in your "Mission" For example in the game your trying to hook up with the hunk of the mountain.

Yet it always the same scenes over and over again.....