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Then she flew to Turkey on a false passport, before boarding the ramshackle wooden craft that took her to Rhodes. “We are not sure what we will do but we hope to travel across Europe.” So why has Eritrea become the place where no-one wants to live?

An estimated 305,000 Eritreans, or five per cent of the population, have now left the country, fleeing torture, a stagnant economy, and conscription into a vast standing army that often amounts to little more than slavery. She started by fleeing over the Sudanese border, where Eritrean guards have been known to have an East German-style policy of to shooting anyone who tries to flee.

Eritrea needs innovation more than ever to find local solutions to the complex and diverse social issues, such as energy, food production, health and education.

We are working with local partners to support the development of a National Innovation Centre.

Luwanu Andou teaches mathematics in the vocational education institution in Mai Nefhi.

Often there are about 80 students in one class due to shortage of skilled teachers.

In order to expand the availability of quality teacher training, FCA is working closely with Eritrean teacher training institutions and national education officials.

Developing the skills of teachers and teacher trainers helps children and young people accumulate the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

“But after they took over power, they seem to have lost their way, the president has become very dominant.” Eritrea denies the claims, but has refused entry to a UN rapporteur on human rights, appointed two years ago to investigate the reasons for the growing exodus.