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Intimidating shout tremor

Defense attorney Williams stated, “I think it is important to know what agreement the men have with the US government.

He did admit to several payouts in Coahuila, including 10 thousand dollars to Chevo at the María’ Savelle’s Restaurant in Nava, Coahuila to train Poncho's horse. Moreno almost scoffed at the prosecutor when asked, "Of course I did not tell him it was drug money that would be stupid", Héctor Moreno said he was familiar with money paid to fix the 2010 Labor Day Mr. He usually paid New Mexico horse expenses to Nayen from the sale of Miguel’s and Omar’s kilos sold in the States. The courtroom watched and it definitely appeared Mr.

After nine days of capture and torture, and without explanation, Alfonso was released without payment of ransom.

While he was hospitalized, Carlos Nyan contacted the witness.

They continued to beat him so badly, his fingers were broken and his head reflected the many injuries from the AK47s.

He would require plastic surgery to alleviate the damage.

His captors identified themselves as Zetas, demanded 50 million pesos.

Alfonso did not have that amount of money readily accessible, which he told to his captors.

He was taken to a “safe house” where his nightmare began in earnest.