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Age and dating

Now, she even says that, out the two of them, Kenny is the youngest at heart, as he loves partying while she prefers a quiet night in.“I’d known Kenny for a year before anything happened.

Men aren’t the only ones who date younger people, though, and the archetype of the “cougar”—an older woman dating a younger man—is rapidly becoming a part of the public consciousness.

Same-sex couples sometimes feature a significant age gap as well.

Recalling that first meeting, Michelle said: “I felt sick with nerves, but Kenny broke the ice and, within minutes we were chattering away.

Just three months after they became an item, Michelle fell pregnant with Tyanna.

Michelle fell pregnant just three months after they became an item – at the tender age of 18.

But despite the massive age gap, the pair have since married and even had a daughter, nine-year-old Tyanna.

But he wasn’t just a flash in the pan – it was serious.“To anyone who has a problem with age gap relationships, I’d say get over it because it’s none of your business.”British tourist Kathleen Khalili, 46, married Tunisian toyboy Amir and now the couple want a baby - but the NHS won't pay for it so she's asking anyone to donate to her fund to become a mother.

The couple have set up a Go Fund Me account to try and raise the cash for treatment.

She continued: “The look on people’s faces when we kiss in public is priceless.

We always correct them, but just laugh it off.“When we first got together, a few people questioned why I was with Kenny and thought it wouldn’t last.

She went on: “He’s really funny and doesn’t act his age at all.“My teenage crush all those years ago is now my husband.