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Sccm software inventory not updating

Each of the products have had variations over the years (2003, 2007, 2008, R2, SP1, SP2, 2010, and so on) with each successive version adding more functionality and capabilities than the version before it.

System Center Data Protection Manager—Although SCCM and SCOM deploy and monitor system operations, there are times when data is corrupted or lost or systems fail and having a backup of the data is crucial.

MS-SCCM is part of the Microsoft System Center suite (MS SCS), which is a compreensive set of products created by MS to manage your enterprise This is the list of products available in the MS SCS System Center Configuration Manager System Center Operations Manager System Center Data Protection Manager System Center Virtual Machine Manager System Center Service Manager System Center Capacity Planner System Center Mobile Device Manager System Center Essentials System Center Licensing Here is a brief description of each component: System Center Family of Products: System Center Configuration Manager—System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) starts with the ability of imaging or laying down the base operating system on a server or client system based on specific organizational guidelines for configurations.

Once the operating system has been installed, SCCM continually patches and updates the system as well as provides the ability to push out new software to the system, also based on specific templates and guideline configurations.

In the fully managed scenario, in the event that SCOM identifies a physical or virtual system is about to fail, it can automatically create a new guest session using SCCM to a Hyper-V or VMware virtual host, build out a brand-new system, and use DPM to automatically restore the latest backup of information all as a scripted disaster recovery process.

VMM can also transfer fully running physical servers and transfer the operating system, application, and data to a virtual server in an automated physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversion process.

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This is where Data Protection Manager (DPM) fits in as it backs up client systems, server file systems, Exchange databases, Share Point data, or SQL databases on a continuous basis, providing an organization the ability to recover a single lost or corrupted file all the way through restoring a completely dead system.