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The girl obeyed: She took off her clothes and posed as he demanded.

Transit police will be conducting interviews with witnesses who recorded the incident and said they plan to find the woman to give her a warning about her behaviour.

Although the confrontation was offensive, officials said the only charge that may be applicable in this case is causing a disturbance.

In 2012, an international consortium of law enforcement probed webcam child sex abuse in what is perhaps the first documented instance of police investigating this type of crime. Later came another international joint probe, Operation Toric.

Operation Endeavor was led by the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom, and joined by the Australian Federal Police, the U. The inquiry found 138 individuals from around the world were making payments to a group in the Philippines set up as middlemen for those seeking children. Those cases represent just a small fraction of the number of perpetrators who lurk online, according to law enforcement officials.

"The couple was replying to her perfectly fine." Another passenger, Ashley Klassen, also recorded the dispute on her cellphone and uploaded it on social media.

Her video has been shared hundreds of thousands of times online.

“She ready to give you a good show as promised,” the woman typed.

The woman told the girl to follow Salazar’s instructions.

Court papers show he inhabited a dark corner of the internet where adult men pay to live-stream child sex.

Webcams and digital payment methods offer a twist on pedophilia that is quickly growing and difficult to police, according to law enforcement officials.

A review of hundreds of pages of court records and other documents underscores disturbing patterns: Predators come largely from wealthier nations.