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Xxx social network

And thanks to its open source nature, it is possible to set up your own Mastodon instance, enabling conversation on any topic and giving your users some safety and privacy from trolls of all kinds.

National Drive Electric Week 2018 is coming up and it's time to remind everyone about how to share the wealth of photos and videos from this year's event.

Promotional messages surrounded by social content, such as likes, shares, and comments from people you know, have a 4X greater recall rate.

Twitter has come under fire Social media networks present a powerful tool to terrorist groups, primarily for propaganda and recruitment. From that information you can be slotted into a demographic, your "likes" recorded and relationships monitored. And if you like it, why not install your own instance?

Your official social media links have been successfully submitted. All submissions will be reviewed and verified before they are approved and published on the directory.

Begin by installing the certbot PPA, and then certbot itself: Now, if everything has run okay, you should be able to open your browser window and head to the new Mastodon instance to see it working!

Any problems here, sadly, will mean repeating what you’ve done so far.

Note that if your domain isn’t correctly configured with your domain registrar, and with Mailgun, then you won’t be able to run Mastodon until these problems are resolved. Just a few more minutes and you’ll be able to publicize your Mastodon instance. Go to the mastodon directory, and create a new directory for the cron jobs — instructions that run at a predetermined /home/mastodon/mastodon docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:media:clear docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:push:refresh docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:push:clear docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:feeds:clear Again, press CTRL X to save and exit; the instruction will renew a certificate over 60 days old, at 1am on a Monday. This includes you — but of course, you’ll need an account with elevated permissions.

Begin by creating your account and clicking the link in the confirmation email.

If you’re using SSH on Windows, download and install Pu TTY.

You’ll need to connect to your server over SSH and sign in with the usual admin credentials.

In many cases, this is a security measure to protect the server.)You’ll also need an SSH connection to your server.