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Yeh last yr ki baat hai humare ghar mein har saal ek nyi maid aati hai aur kabhi kabar achi achi bhi aajati hai.last yr humare ghar mein ek hot maid aaye she had a sexy fig.

I started scheduling repairmen to do small jobs just to show off and do some teasing when hubby wasn't home.

It is so fun to watch the workers get excited and try to hide their boners.

I arrived and was getting my tools and materials ready, i needed to plug my electric cord pluged in, I knocked at the door and the tenant answered... at least I know there are some customers out there :-) I've had ladies come to the door in nighties, one in... I am going to start teasing my repairmen to see if they bite. Paying a man who's good with his hands (a big time turn-on anyway) with some hot and sweaty sex -- Please sign me up for that...

I have decided to find a good handyman who would love to trade sex for work. It was late in the day when the phone rang, and I was just getting ready to go in, make a drink and think about dinner.

And unfortunately not all the pictures were able to be taken in one sitting. I attended to her needs very quickly (sadly in the professional sense).

She called up the loft hatch - 'is there anything you... I got a call yesterday from a lady that needed a microwave installed.

When I got there she told me that she didn'thave any money. I'm retired and have to be a little more careful with my money.

She then said that if I install it, she would lay on the couch and ********** for me. I always enjoy reading about you girls who, like my wife, like to help too.

She was 16 and I was 12 but by this age she was pretty stacked with a big ***. I know I'm a great lover, a superior ***** licker, I'm interested in finding out if I like sucking a guy off as much as I think I do... The gas heater had failed and we called a repairman.

As I left for work the following morning, I joked to my wife, "Maybe he'll be a good looking guy." She was... When I was fourteen, a black young woman customer gave me a sex lesson for my birthday. Later that year, my dad took me to see his girlfriend. I've been working as a cabinetmaker/ carpenter for over 15 years and I have a few experiences I could share.

I know she'd go for it but she'd have to think it was random.