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Contact information should always include a toll-free phone number (digits, no letters) and an email address.

“Recurring Transactions” chargebacks occur when a consumer believes they have been billed after cancelling a subscription, membership, or multi-payment billing series (e.g. Using clear and explicit billing descriptors will help you avoid these types of chargebacks (see #6).

Be certain to quickly acknowledge and record any correspondences with customers regarding changes or cancellations.

Depending on the card type, chargeback rates exceeding 0.5% or 1.0% (by sale count) can result in substantial fines and excessive rates can cause your merchant account to be terminated with the possibility of card brand banishment.

Even a small number of chargebacks demonstrates that you have some unhappy customers.

Your processor will charge you a fee for each chargeback you receive.

You have the right to fight the dispute in a process called representment, where you must substantiate the charge by providing verification of the sale.

This type of chargeback often occurs when multiple partial deposits are made against single authorizations.

A combination of sound procedures and proper exception handling by your processor can eliminate these chargebacks.

For detailed information on billing descriptors, see #6.

Email Confirmations: Send an immediate email confirmation whenever an order or refund is processed.

Billing descriptors can be truncated by processing systems, causing incomplete phone numbers.