Start Chuck woolery dating game show

Chuck woolery dating game show

The date, whom the contestant is seeing for the first time since their night out, is introduced then appears on-screen via backstage hookup. Woolery asks questions about what happened on their date.

Shandi Finnessy will not be in the revived version of Lingo.

Regardless of how well the date went, Woolery then revealed the audience's choice as determined by a majority vote.

If the contestant and the audience's choices agreed, the show paid all expenses for the date even if the date was a bona fide disaster.

Woolery presided over thousands of date recaps during Love Connection's original 11-year run in syndication.

The show reprised itself for a one-season run in 1998 with Pat Bullard hosting.

The games function around virtual currency, giving users a number of free tokens to start off and then requiring them to buy more to keep on playing.

The company is also looking for celebrities to endorse several of its games for Facebook in the coming year.

Woolery would invite the date onstage to reunite with the bachelor(ette).