Start Ntpd not updating

Ntpd not updating

The update provides automatic reboot and automatic dump capabilities if a Linux system becomes unresponsive.

SLES 12 SP1 contains an enhanced watchdog driver for IBM z Systems.

The driver can be used for Linux running on logical partitions (LPARs) and Linux running as a guest under z/VM.

Technology previews are packages, stacks, or features delivered by SUSE. They may be functionally incomplete, unstable or in other ways not suitable for production use.

They are mainly included for customer convenience and give customers a chance to test new technologies within an enterprise environment.

This SUSE product includes materials licensed to SUSE under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The GPL requires SUSE to provide the source code that corresponds to the GPL-licensed material. Also, for up to three years after distribution of the SUSE product, upon request, SUSE will mail a copy of the source code.

If you are skipping one or more service packs, check the release notes of the skipped service packs as well.

Release notes usually only list changes that happened between two subsequent releases.

Requests should be sent by e-mail to mailto:[email protected] as otherwise instructed at

SUSE may charge a reasonable fee to recover distribution costs.

Problem determination, which means technical support designed to provide compatibility information, usage support, on-going maintenance, information gathering and basic troubleshooting using available documentation.