Start Boost mobile dating

Boost mobile dating

You can buy a Boost individually or buy in bulk for a discount. To make your Boost impressions go farther, optionally consider doing the following during your Boost.

Boosts usually last for 15 minutes but Ok Cupid extends them if you don’t reach a certain number of impressions in that time (currently 1,000). For now the set price of a single Ok Cupid Boost is .99 cents via the mobile app or $2.00 via the website.

“That’s 10% mobile conversion after only two days—that’s incredible,” Cobb enthuses.

“And that is the ultimate goal, to sell more handbags.

“These mobile-only or mobile-first companies like Tinder and Uber and Open Table really have the lead in mobile, and they really inspire,” Cobb says.

“So we took a page from Tinder, and the more information you give us, the better our algorithm—which takes into account 100 factors—can fine-tune our assortment of 12,000 handbags just for you.

But it still really depends on the quality of your profile as to how many messages or dates you’ll get from it.

With a bad profile, there’s the sad possibility that you’ll just get rejected more and faster.

“Like with a store, you have to bring people window shopping deeper into your store, then you need to get them to try on some clothes.