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Christian dating service pennsylvania

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Christian Schmidt’s Kensington brewery (Philadelphia) got its start in 1860 as an ale brewery.

The brewery began producing lager in 1881 and both the brewery and its business grew steadily.

The images on the poster show the exterior and interior of the brew house of Bergner & Engel’s brewery featuring their 400 barrel copper kettle with the “hop jack” directly below it, as well as a view of one of their many cellars packed with open wooden tanks foaming away during the “high krauesen” stage of primary fermentation.

In particular, we would like to thank Rich Wagner, Larry Shanaman, Daryl Ziegler, Larry Handy, Alex Bierly, and Sam Komlenic.

In 1960 ran an extensive article about the firm to commemorate their centennial year.

The company operated breweries in Philadelphia, Norristown, and Cleveland.

In November he placed his first product on the market, which consisted of nine barrels of ale and porter.