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She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina’s life and death; A Gift of Hope, a memoir of her work with the homeless; Pure Joy, about the dogs she and her family have loved; and the children’s book Pretty Minnie in Paris.

But the caterers had only been available on this particular Friday.

Peter probably wouldn't notice, especially if he was tired when he got home, but what he sensed more than saw was the kind of home she provided him with. She created an atmosphere of warmth and elegance that people flourished in. The house he'd bought for them ten years before was large and beautiful.

She did it not only for him and their friends but for herself as well. It was a handsome stone house, in one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Greenwich, Connecticut.

They still shared laughter on Sunday mornings, as they snuggled beneath the covers for an extra half-hour on cold wintry days.

And she still got up with him at the crack of dawn every weekday, and drove him to the train, and then came back to take the kids to school, until they were old enough to drive themselves, which had come far too quickly for her.

They'd talked about hiring a decorator, but in the end she had decided to decorate it herself, and loved doing it. They also had one of the prettiest gardens in Greenwich.

She'd done such a great job with the house that he had often teased her and told her she should become a decorator, and most people who saw the house agreed.

But although artistic, her interests had always been similar to his.