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Who is galen gering dating

Plus, Andre will tell Kate that he has feelings for her.

In May of 1999, Gering graduated with honors while he was already busy Galen Gering was born on February 13, 1971. Gering was raised in Los Angeles, California by French and Spanish hippie parents.

Meanwhile, Ciara will finally confirm to Rafe that she knows about his dalliance with Sami.

As for Eric, he's stunned to find out about Roman's date during New Year's Eve.

Gering later moved to California with Jenna and has since worked on two independent films "Road Trip" and "Pistol Whipped." He was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people.

The cast of “Passions” is celebrating nine years since their finale episode aired on television.

Plus, Stefan surprised Abigail and Chad with his news. She told Tripp (Lucas Adams) that Rafe cheated on her mum.

As for Rafe, he finally realised that Ciara knows about him and Sami.

“I was pregnant, had suffered a miscarriage, but they had already written the pregnancy into my storyline and they had my character in a pit for a long time and they had my character almost suffer a miscarriage herself, as I had already gone through my own miscarriage and then they had my character give birth,” she said.