Start European union law updating supplement text and materials

European union law updating supplement text and materials

EU Council Regulation 1/2003 places National Competition Authorities and Member State national courts at the heart of the enforcement of Arts 101 & 102.

In Consten & Grundig [1966] the European Court of Justice upheld the Commission's decision, expanded the definition of measures affecting trade to include "potential effects", and generally anchored its key position in Competition Law enforcement alongside the Commission.

The materials are annotated with references back to the relevant portion of commentary in Bellamy & Child and Faull & Nikpay.

Case Reports contains authoritative, peer-reviewed case reports for competition cases at National level in European member states, in addition to key cases at EU level.

The reports are carefully selected by an expert team for their significance for competition practitioners across Europe and they enable practitioners to build the experiences of foreign courts into their own case preparation.