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The problem is when someone uses an outdated browser (Note: Firefox, IE), the UI is not working (Note: displays a textbox) and the user is prompted to input the date him/herself and the format is always inconsistent and My SQL format for the date is YYYY-MM-DD.

When in fact, the researchers simply said that those factors needed to be taken into account.

E goes too far by saying that lichenometry's usefulness is limited.

If you look back at lines 54-58, the passage says that conditions affecting normal lichen growth must be factored in. I agree with the above poster's reasoning for why (E) is incorrect.

I think I was fooled by (E) because it was directly quotable from the passage whereas (B) was an unstated inference based on what we know about radiocarbon dating. I still don't understand why (B) is right and (E) is wrong.