Start Newage dating

Newage dating

If you really want to get to know someone, Facebook stalking doesn't count.

Westerners tend to marry at a later age, and some Asian youth have taken this up as well.

Like the Westerners, almost all Asian youths go to college, graduate, find work, and enjoy being single.

So whereas I have no problem with online dating being a thing of the present, I hope old-school "courting" doesn't become a thing of the past.

Hell, if it were up to me, the word "courting" would be trending and "twerking" wouldn't exist. There's something old-fashioned and charming about waiting to have sex with someone you're interested in seriously dating.

And many married Asian couples have started out this way and now enjoy a blissful life together.

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If you want to use online dating in hopes of finding a potentially 1. Some singles lose sight of good ole' fashioned basics and need a straight shot of Captain Obvious. Often just an honest oversight that has become a bi-product of a multi-message exchange between two people, it's easy to forget to actually "introduce" yourself when communicating online. First names aren't always published (often by choice) so when talking to a girl, ask for her name just as you would if you met in person. I'll take another shot of Captain Obvious, bartender. Take care in planning a real first date (you know, like the old-school ones where you actually have a conversation ). We live in a "fast, fast" culture, and for some things, that's okay.

When online, it's easy to send someone (a bunch of someones) an "I'm interested" type-of message. For safety purposes, some first-date traditions should be reconsidered when planning a date with someone you met online. There's nothing wrong with having a good time, but when it comes to sex, consider slow, slow.

Even small anecdotes from what things happened during the day will be enjoyable.