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Pierre sarkozy dating

She sounded like no one else who was out at the time, and was quickly heralded as the new Edith Piaf.

I'm not even sure that he deserved to win Nouvelle Star.

He was only there to get publicity for his unsigned Rock band, but the judges were so in thrall by his gender-bending takes on girly Pop hits like "Moi...

(Similar Artists: Rose) Julien Doré The reality show winner and sex symbol is like that hot Art major you know (or used to know back in the day).

He's delightfully weird and seemingly unaffected by his hype.

Her appeal lies in her clever songs, childlike voice, and piano Pop melodies.

(Think Regina Spektor with tattoos.) She's got a hipster following, so you'll often see her English cover songs, side projects, and what not being blogged about like it's the best thing since sliced bread. She's got plenty of new projects out in 2014 -- enough to keep any Cd P fan happy.

With it, he tapped into the despondent mood of the recession-struck continent.

His musical genius is on full display on his second album, featuring styles ranging from Dance to Congolese Rumba.

Masterfully produced by Benjamin Biolay, it's her best work yet.

Coeur de Pirate The indie darling from Montreal became a superstar in France and beyond when she released her debut album in 2010.

Corneille You may have seen his name or come across his CDs while music shopping, since this artist made a deliberate attempt to penetrate the insular U. His first two albums are classics, and his current music still tops the charts.