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Some set pieces show touches of the old flair, but Hong Kong audiences will find they have seen it all before, and seen it done better. 77 Heartbreaks An obnoxious man-child (Pakho Chau Pak-ho) learns retrospectively about his ex-girlfriend’s (Charlene Choi Cheuk-yin) grievances in this romantic drama by the prolific duo of director Herman Yau Lai-to and screenwriter Erica Li Man.

Perhaps because of the roller-coaster nature of Chan’s life, this is by turns a violent action film, a buddy comedy, a cheesy romance and even a terminal disease drama – and never finds the right tone for this pompous mix. Wu Kong Derek Kwok Tsz-kin’s second attempt at refashioning the for China’s blockbuster audience proves a minor misfire tripped up by its own ambition.

The slow-burning mystery thriller features an intense lead performance by Kara Wai Ying-hung in her last action role, largely delivering amid the choppily edited fight sequences. Cook Up a Storm The culinary strengths of East and West go head-to-head in Raymond Yip Wai-man’s cheerfully frivolous comedy.

The movie proves almost reassuringly formulaic, whipping up a tried-and-tested recipe that, while unlikely to attract viewers beyond the local crowd, is nonetheless a nourishing and satisfying diversion. Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight Disappointment inevitably beckons for zombie horror fans wishing this to be Hong Kong’s answer to the South Korean thriller could equally well be considered a dud or an uncompromisingly tempestuous portrait of teenage angst; it really depends on your appetite for surreal head-scratchers. The Yuppie Fantasia 3 Entertainment veteran Lawrence Cheng played his most celebrated role in the popular 1989 relationship comedy (1990), as an emotionally capricious man who felt emasculated by his bossy wife.

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