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(Here’s an example submitted by a woman who alleged he fondled her.) “I never engaged in any kind of molestation,” Gothard tells .

If you visit, be careful: the largest rattlesnake I've seen in the wild was right below a nice panel right above the road in the main canyon.

Fremont culture is named 'Fremont' due to expression of the culture along the Fremont River, particularly evident in the section where the river transects the sandstone cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park.

The campus, which has a landing strip and aircraft hangar, now houses the Institute’s International ALERT Academy, a boot camp where young men train in disaster response techniques.

The academy also runs a program for girls 15 and older.

The lush, wide, irrigable bottom lands in Nine Mile Canyon are lined with cliff faces bearing numerous petroglyphs and pictographs.

Portions of Nine Mile Canyon with rock art have long been accessible to the public.

Roadways reach even side canyon panels, and many panels are on the cliffs adjacent to a major road segment between the Price/Green River and Vernal areas.

As a consequence, some panels have been damaged during modern times.

It currently houses the Embassy Institute, where the Institute in Basic Life Principles hosts many seminars.

The Green family, according to Gothard, also “bought a training center in New Zealand and gave it to us.” He says that by providing the institute with these facilities, the Greens and their company “really helps with the bottom line.” The Greens became involved with his ministry, Gothard says, after members of the family attended an Institute seminar.

One of his accusers said he molested her when she was 17.