Start Pleasure p dating elease from bgc

Pleasure p dating elease from bgc

Meanwhile, Kerry meets up with singer/songwriter Bobby Tomberlin.

Season 7 of the series is known as The Bad Girls Club: New Orleans. Released Date: December 5, 2006 (US)Genre: Reality Series Network: Oxygen (Official Website) Latest episode: The Bad Girls Club Season 17 Episode 12 – Reunion Part 2 Share your own content in this site by submitting your TV or movies reviews to the site using the comments / feedback section of each TV shows or movies.

The girls leave with tears as they say goodbye to their manison.

All the original bad girls (except for Jodie), return to the house and get together with a psychologist to analyze their past behavior, which doesn't sit well with Ty and Aimee. Seven new “bad girls” swarm into Los Angeles and try to live as roommates with one another in the same luxurious mansion.

There, strangers start making comments that upset Kayla.

She quickly gets angry and throws a drink, which leads to her getting kicked out.

But the battle lines are drawn when they realize there aren't enough freebies to share between everyone.

Jennavecia fakes being sick to get out of going to a meeting with Craig. Cordelia misses her boyfriend and regrets her decision to break up with him. Drunken Cordelia becomes an emotional wreck and vocalizes her deep-seated "ugly girl" complex.

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